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August 20, 2019  

Smallfolk DND: Lavender Lone Ep 2.2

August 20, 2019

Insight check is proud to present the world of Smallfolk DND: small heroes, great adventures.

Welcome back to the valley for the story of Lavender Lone.  The party remains trapped in their long tunnel journey, seeking passage to the land of mouse and honey.  The tunnel walls crackle and shake: what could be coming their way?

Join the continuing journey of:

  • Jink, the Pine Marten (@mcboots42)
  • Howee Leafears, the Batfolk Rogue (@embers_tide)
  • Abendstern Leafears, the Croakie Cleric (@caseyDrones)
  • Super Long Sparkly Trail, the Shellkept Druid (@shinybatgirl)
  • Wensleydale Beestinger, the Beastmaster Ranger Rivertail (@kaldrenon)
  • DM/worldbuilder @LeapaChesskey


Adventures come in all sizes.

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Music by @DnDRaps