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October 9, 2018  

Insight Check E49: Caught in a Bard Romance

October 9, 2018

Are you a rockstar-thespian-standup-poet just dying for your chance at stardom? Do you long to express all the deep, longing feelings pent up in your tortured, tragic soul? Do you wish all the clever insults you would have spat at bullies back in the daycould have actually given them a headache? Then tell us what we need to do to get your into a BARD today! Join AIR, Jerika, Leap and Jay and they scour the internet for questions all about everyone's favourite musical magician class, and take a brief detour into Gilmore Girls fandom...

Featuring: Air, Jerika (@lvl14druid), Jay (@JayCKeyAl) and Leap (@leapachesskey)

Join Air, Jerika (@lvl14druid), Jay (@JayCKeyAl), Leap (@Leapachesskey), Haley (@heyyley), El Ninja Cupcake (@elninjacupcake) and Embers (@Embers_Tide) every Wednesday for another THRILLING EDITION of Insight Check! With music by Vindsvept (@VindsveptFM) and art by Amy T Falcone! (@AmyTFalcone)/

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