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April 17, 2018  

Insight Check E24: Double the Value, Halfling The Cost!

April 17, 2018

It's time to discuss cons! Long cons, quick conts, grifts. Wait, no? Just Conventions? Well, alright then! This week the Insight Check team is recovering from Pax and other life events and had to call in outside help! Fortunately the incredible Wrekka is here to wreck ya with her HALFLING LOVE! Roll Call continues as we an answer all your most pressing Halfling Questions directly from our collective a's! All this and more on this weeks episode...of INSIGHT CHECK!

Featuring: Air (@quisitionrhymes), Embers (@Embers_Tide), and special guest Wrekka (@@Bekkablair)

Join Air (@quisitionrhymes) Jerika (@lvl14druid) Jay(@JayCKeyAl) Haley(@heyyley) El Ninja Cupcake (@elninjacupcake) and Embers (@Embers_Tide) every Wednesday for another THRILLING EDITION of Insight Check! With music by Vindsvept (@VindsveptFM) and art by Amy T Falcone! (@AmyTFalcone) 

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