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March 20, 2018  

Insight Check E20: Flaws, Motivations, and Missing Beholders!

March 20, 2018

So you've filled out the sheet! All your spells and weapons are carefully notated, your class features are listed out and annotated by page, it looks like you're all set, right?! Wrong! Those Traits, Flaws, Values, and Bonds sections matter! The Bio matters! You've got a beautiful baby on that sheet but baby aint got no SOUL! Luckily Insight Check is here to offer you guidance in these trying times! So strap in for a MOTIVATION DEEP DIVE ON... INSIGHT CHECK! 

 Featuring:  Embers (@Embers_Tide) Air (@quisitionrhymes) El Ninja Cupcake (@elninjacupcake) &  Jerika (@lvl14druid)

Join Air (@quisitionrhymes) Jerika (@lvl14druid) Jay(@JayCKeyAl) Haley(@heyyley) El Ninja Cupcake (@elninjacupcake) and Embers (@Embers_Tide) every wednesday for another THRILLING EDITION of insight check! With music by Vindsvept (@VindsveptFM) and art by Amy T Falcone! (@AmyTFalcone) 

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