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January 30, 2018  

Insight Check E14: One Weird Legendary Reaction Archfeys Hate

January 30, 2018

Deep in the jungles of the forgotten realms our heroes were up to their eyeballs in rules about grappling and attacks of opportunity, WHEN SUDDENLY! A new edition dawned with BRAND NEW RULES to debate over! It's time to knock out the kid stuff and get serious about RULES, ACTION ECONOMY, TRANSFERRING YOUR GAME TO A NEW SYSTEM, AND THE MORALITY OF THE ARCHFEY. And if you thought an action-packed episode like that meant we WEREN'T going to gush about C Team and Critical Role then you were DEAD WRONG!

Featuring:Jay(@JayCKeyAl)  Jerika (@lvl14druid),  &  Air (@quisitionrhymes)

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