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January 9, 2018  

Insight Check E11: D&D 2, Return of D&D

January 9, 2018

We all remember D&D right? A magical time when you could listen to attractive, witty, talented people rolling dice and telling stories? It feels like it wasn't that long ago when we had all the D&D a fella could ever want. Now? Now you're lucky to spend all day at the dungeon river panning for even a single d20! BUT NO LONGER! Dungeons and Dragons RETURNS, it's return is heralded by the beginning of a new season of Critical Role AND Acquisitions Incorporated THe C Team! Join us as we regale ourselves of stories of the golden age of dungeons and dragons and imagine a bright future where once more a hard working feller might just roll some bones and push some lead. 

Featuring: Jay(@JayCKeyAl), Embers (@Embers_Tide) Jerika (@lvl14druid), & Air (@quisitionrhymes)

Join Air (@quisitionrhymes) Jerika (@lvl14druid) Jay(@JayCKeyAl) and Haley(@heyyley) every wednesday for another THRILLING EDITION of insight check! Sometimes joined by fellow checkers El Ninja Cupcake (@elninjacupcake) and Embers (@Embers_Tide) With music by Vindsvept (@VindsveptFM) and art by Amy T Falcone! (@AmyTFalcone) 

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